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Created on Thursday, 08 December 2016 Written by Steve

Turns out I'm going to be working util 7 on Mondays, so I've tentatively moved new blog day to Wednesday. We'll see how that works out and maybe change it again later. This week instead of a blog, I did a new random generator script, the Random Christmas One-Shot Adventure Generator. Give it a try!

Here are few of my favorites so far:

  • Laser Reindeer Squad Meets the Vampire Fairies

  • Machine Gun Jesus Vs. the Robot Reindeer

  • Speed Demon Santa Conquers the Werewolf Spirits

  • Dr. Nutcracker Saves the Break Dancing Humbugs

  • Robot Yule Goat Saves the Hobo Yeti

  • Adventure Scrooge Meets the Wise-Crackin' Zombies

  • Social Justice Hermey Meets the Toy-stealing Fairies

  • Space St. Nick Meets the Jive-Talkin' Windigo

  • Super Deadpool Meets the Angry Living Christmas Trees

  • Multi-Dimensional Jesus Meets the Candy Cane Humbugs


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