Monster of the Week: The Gumberoo

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Created on Friday, 03 December 2010 Written by Steve

Also Known As: Megalogaster repercussus

Description: The gumberoo looks like an extremely fat black bear, but is completely hairless except for its prominent eyebrows and bristly hairs on its chin. The creature’s skin is dark, smooth, and extremely tough; some witnesses describe it as “rubbery” or “leathery.”

The GumberooBMA Classification: The gumberoo is dangerous to humans, and therefore classified as a monster by the Bureau of Monster Affairs.

Powers: The gumberoo’s tough, rubbery skin makes it extremely difficult to kill, and causes most missiles to bounce back at the person who fired them.

Vulnerabilities: Gumberoo’s are extremely vulnerable to fire, which causes them to explode. The gumberoo also has a voracious appetite and can be distracted with food.  

Biology and Habitat: Gumberoos make their dens in the bases of huge, burned-out cedar trees. The creature spends most of its time in a state of hibernation, only leaving its lair a few times a year to search for food. When active, the gumberoo is always hungry and will eat any living creature squirrel-sized or larger that crosses its path.

Sightings: Gumberoos have been reported in the Pacific Northwest at least since the first white settlers arrived there. The first confirmed kill of a gumberoo by an M-Force agent occurred in 1957, when Mike Mulligan and Abernathy Quinn destroyed a gumberoo near Coos Bay, Oregon. There have been numerous reports of gumberoos since then, but only five confirmed sightings and no successful kills.  

Additional Information: One witness claims to have seen the gumberoo devour an entire horse in a matter of minutes and immediately move on to find more food.

Body: 18
Brain: 4
Job: Carnivore (16)
Gimmick: Rubber Skin (12)--Whenever a missile attack succeeds against the gumberoo, make a Gimmick roll. If the Gimmick succeeds, the missile bounces back at the attacker with an attack roll equal to the Gimmick roll. If the Gimmick fails, the attack hits.
Weakness: Flammable (16)--The gumberoo takes double damage from fire. In addition, it must make a Weakness roll each round. If the Weakness takes effect, the creature explodes. The gumberoo dies instantly and anyone within 10 feet takes damage equal to Weakness roll +20. If the victim makes a successful Body roll, he may subtract the roll from the damage taken.
Hungry (13)--Whenever the gumberoo is presented with food that can be eaten with less effort than its current prey, roll this Weakness. If the Weakness takes effect, the creature will focus on the new food source.
Skills: Tracking +3
Armor Rating: 10
Damage Bonus: +4 (claws and bite)
HP: 30
Yum Yums: 1

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Monster of the Week: The Gumberoo.
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