Random Conspiracy Generator

A/An/The hidden confederation of Indigo Children are trying to piece together a/an/the bizarre virtual reality device in order to enrage Kevin Bacon

A/An/The outlaw syndicate of criminals are trying to locate a/an/the antediluvian gadget in order to overpower The LAPD

A/An/The raving gang of Hobomancers are trying to piece together a/an/the primordial robot in order to defeat Rasputin

A/An/The treacherous society of mad scientists are trying to piece together a/an/the Discordian gun in order to outrage Santa Claus

A/An/The alien coven of Buffy fans are trying to build a/an/the unfathomable transformer in order to ravage Aleister Crowley's Spirit

A/An/The top-secret fellowship of monks are trying to harness the power of a/an/the astral energy source in order to motivate Bigfoot

A/An/The trippy sorority of Elvisomancers are trying to mentaly project a/an/the immaculate meme in order to confound Limbo

A/An/The violent cabal of shamans are trying to dominate a/an/the evil spaceship in order to sabotage The Molemen

A/An/The nihilist order of Juggalos are trying to dream a/an/the magical teleporter in order to control The Christian Coalition

A/An/The ancient clan of dope fiends are trying to discover a/an/the omnipotent servant in order to galvanize Apple

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