Random Conspiracy Generator

A/An/The unholy faction of fallen deities are trying to piece together a/an/the nanotech ray in order to draw upon the power of The Kind Lady

A/An/The chaotic fraternity of shamans are trying to steal a/an/the solar-powered pocket dimension in order to draw upon the power of Shangri-La

A/An/The wealthy syndicate of Hobomancers are trying to construct a/an/the mystical domed pleasure palace in order to draw upon the power of The Lost City

A/An/The ancient alliance of conspirators are trying to build a/an/the cosmic cyborg in order to incite Zeus

A/An/The profiteering gang of pornographers are trying to ressurrect a/an/the demonic robot in order to banish The Knights of Malta

A/An/The dogmatic coterie of elder gods are trying to locate a/an/the psychadelic device in order to outrage The Erisian Liberation Front

A/An/The alien fellowship of bankers are trying to discover a/an/the unfathomable computer program in order to infuriate The International Monetary Fund

A/An/The insane syndicate of monks are trying to summon a/an/the discordian creature in order to ravage Stonehenge

A/An/The evil cabal of maniacs are trying to discover the secrets of a/an/the Voodoo monitor in order to shatter The Dealey Lama

A/An/The unknowable fellowship of magicians are trying to harness the power of a/an/the alien missile in order to overthrow Texas

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