Random Conspiracy Generator

A/An/The self-righteous alliance of conspiracy theorists are trying to harness the power of a/an/the supernatural thingamajig in order to resurrect The Boy Scouts

A/An/The malevolent sorority of elder gods are trying to reconstruct a/an/the arcane warp drive in order to embolden The Fairy Court

A/An/The annoying cult of terrorists are trying to materialize a/an/the arcane roadster in order to beseige Robot J. Edgar Hoover

A/An/The hidden cabal of cyborgs are trying to steal a/an/the visionary cookie recipe in order to lay waste to The Kind Lady

A/An/The wealthy coterie of environmentalists are trying to mentaly project a/an/the Faustian warp drive in order to outrage The Erisian Liberation Front

A/An/The deranged clan of Pastafarians are trying to construct a/an/the quantum particle accelerator in order to convert Belgium

A/An/The raving conglomerate of philosophers are trying to locate a/an/the archaic space station in order to revitalize The Alamo Draft House

A/An/The Hell-bent guild of circus folk are trying to control a/an/the Goldbergian ray in order to blackmail The World Tree

A/An/The top-secret sorority of assassins are trying to steal a/an/the galactic supercomputer in order to strengthen Android Hitler

A/An/The underhanded union of Discordians are trying to summon a/an/the holy super weapon in order to decimate The Car Hank Died In

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