Random Conspiracy Generator

A/An/The fiery brotherhood of chaos magicians are trying to control a/an/the quantum prison in order to motivate Michael Bay

A/An/The fanatical order of Gnostics are trying to unearth a/an/the astrological cyborg in order to liberate Blackwater

A/An/The dogmatic league of Satanists are trying to harness the power of a/an/the primieval domed pleasure palace in order to provoke The Fairy Court

A/An/The outlaw cult of extradimensional beings are trying to reconstruct a/an/the abstract transmogrifier in order to dominate TV's Frank

A/An/The nihilist society of alchemists are trying to dream a/an/the omnipotent monitor in order to dominate Atlantis

A/An/The visionary cult of mad scientists are trying to build a/an/the galactic fortress in order to convert The Jesuits

A/An/The conspiratorial cartel of demons are trying to mentaly project a/an/the spiritual artificial intelligence in order to control John Malkovich

A/An/The outlaw confederation of vampires are trying to dominate a/an/the world-ending automaton in order to shatter The Gnomes of Zurich

A/An/The apocalyptic clan of pet psychics are trying to piece together a/an/the runic god in order to control The Underworld

A/An/The apocalyptic cult of gnomes are trying to steal a/an/the magical zeppelin in order to outrage Aum Shinrikyo

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