Random Conspiracy Generator

A/An/The nefarious affiliation of Anarchists are trying to dominate a/an/the transcendental rocket in order to humiliate The NSA

A/An/The conspiratorial cartel of double agents are trying to dominate a/an/the ghostly super weapon in order to subjugate The Knights Templar

A/An/The nefarious league of dead people are trying to discover the secrets of a/an/the Atlantean space station in order to resurrect The Federal Reserve

A/An/The power-mad circle of dope fiends are trying to dominate a/an/the otherworldly zeppelin in order to confound Merlin

A/An/The evil fraternity of fallen deities are trying to locate a/an/the alien computer program in order to mobilize The Rosicrucians

A/An/The underappreciated affiliation of madmen are trying to materialize a/an/the elemental barrier in order to open a gateway to The Car Hank Died In

A/An/The hidden ring of time travellers are trying to construct a/an/the Postmodern laboratory in order to dominate Congress

A/An/The malevolent army of Surrealists are trying to ressurrect a/an/the unholy missile in order to embolden Corporate America

A/An/The dedicated sisterhood of Indigo Children are trying to steal a/an/the Discordian forcefield in order to immanetize The Grateful Dead

A/An/The unethical conglomerate of druids are trying to dream a/an/the enigmatic particle accelerator in order to energize Dinosaur Island

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